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Reservation Policy

Villa Panorama

The reservation policy for Villa Panorama, read related information in the section below.

Reservations are secured by paying an advance payment of up to 40% of the total accommodation value, which cannot be lower than one day’s rent by depositing into a Bank Account. In the event that the advance payment is not paid within the agreed time period, the reservation is considered invalid and the room is available for rent.


In case you have secured your reservation by paying the relevant advance payment, the remaining amount of the accommodation value is paid at the end of your stay.

Cancellation Policy (where not specified otherwise during the booking and agreement process)

If you cancel your reservation up to 21 days before the date of arrival, you are entitled to a refund of the entire amount you have paid. If the cancellation is made less than 21 days before the date of arrival, you will be charged a compensation equal to 50% of the agreed daily room rate for the number of nights canceled (minus the deposit you have paid).

Upon your arrival, we confirm the agreed check-out date. The prices set depend on the date of your reservation and the length of stay. In case you decide to depart earlier than the agreed time the price is subject to change unless otherwise specified. In addition, you are charged an early departure fee equal to 50% of the agreed daily room rate for the number of nights cancelled.
In case of no-show and when the reservation has been secured through a deposit, the room remains at your disposal until the day after the scheduled arrival and until the departure time valid. In case of no-show, you are liable for compensation equal to half of the price for all remaining days (minus the advance payment you have paid). Exceptions to the above are cases of force majeure, which must be proven with irrefutable facts or evidence.

The time of check-in to Panorama Irakleia starts at 15:00.

The day of arrival is counted in full towards the rent, regardless of the time of arrival.


Departure from Villa Panorama must be completed by 11:00 am.

No rent payment is required until 11:00 am.

In case of staying beyond this time (11:00 am) and until 18:00 you will need to pay 50% of the day’s rent, while for staying beyond 18:00 you will need to pay the entire rent of that day.

The hotel reserves the right to change or cancel reservations, in cases where it is obvious that they contain or resulted from an error, as well as when the customer has taken inappropriate or illegal actions.
The guests of the hotel are responsible for any damage done to the hotel and due to their service staff, their guests, or any other person for whom they are responsible (broken glassware, crockery, sinks, damage to furniture, carpets, clothing, etc.).
The hotel is exempted from any responsibility in cases of damage or loss of objects brought by the guests, the persons who accompany them, visit them or are in their service, as well as in cases where the damage, destruction or loss is due to force majeure (earthquake , fire etc) or in special circumstances.
In the event that the hotel is unable to make the rooms available on the agreed dates due to mechanical, electronic or human error or in cases of unforeseen circumstances, it will make every effort to provide the guests with accommodation in a corresponding hotel in the area for the nights in question and will bear the cost of the price difference (if any) and the guests’ transportation to that hotel. If the above cannot be ensured, the hotel pays the customer the value of the accommodation as agreed.
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